Five time every year (March, May, August, October, December) Mehatronika is read by about 2000 owners and managers of production, maintance and distribution all over Serbia.


Mehatronika is their source of the latest information within industrial automation (factory and industrial automation), energy (power and supply systems), robotics, industrial software solutions, work security, production efficiency, raw material packing and handling…

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The managers appreciate Mehatronika as the source of current information on the new products and trends at Serbian market.


  • Distribution method: no sale / free sending to listed bussines persons (company list in attach)
  • Circulation: 2000 pcs.
  • Listed persons: 1929
  • Issues per year: 5 numbers (February, May, June, September, December)


  • 3 full pages/issue, 5 issues/year: 5×250€=1250€/year (adverts, articles about products/services or any combination of them)
  • 1 full page/issue, 5 issues/year: 5×150€=750€/year (advert or article about products/services)
  • Insertion of promo materials (catalogs or DVD) 75 – 300 gr : 2000×0,2€= 400€


  • Free logo on cover page
  • Free insertion of promo materials (catalogs or DVD-a) up to 75 gr
  • Free publishing of any number of corporate news/articles on site
  • Free prepress for articles/news


  • dimension: 299×202 mm, CMYK , PDF, AI or CDR
  • material for articles/news: text in MS Word, picture CMYK 300 dpi

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